European Forum Alpbach

European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture in the Austrian Alps. The forum covers global challenges, such as climate change, refugees, change of democracy and technology. More than 5000 participants and 900 speakers gather to the idyllic village of Alpbach each year to discuss, listen, and share ideas, not forgetting experiencing art and hiking.

The theme of the Forum changes each year. In 2017 it was Conflicts and Collaboration, focusing on e.g, democracy and strengthening of science. The theme of 2018 was ”Diversity and Resilience”, and 2019 it will be ”Liberty and Security”. The European Forum Alpbach was established in 1945 to help point out a new direction to the recovering Europe, and to promote peaceful interaction. Finnish speakers in the forum include e.g. presidents Ahtisaari and Halonen, several ministers and ambassadors.

Scholarship Programme for the Finnish youth

The Forum Alpbach Scholarship Programme is meant to support the participation of talented youth. The Scholarship Programme is intended for people under 30 years, and it covers annually about 700 people from 80 countries.

The European Forum Alpbach Foundation together with the Finnish foundations want to increase the Nordic, and especially the Finnish participation in the forum. The Finnish Scholarship Programme is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the KAUTE foundation. In 2019 the scholarship will be granted to four youths. The foundations aim to grow future change-makers and influencers of theri own fields in Finland.


”European Forum Alpbach breathes a different vibe comparing to your ordinary conference experience. From students, scientists, thinkers and doers, to heads of states from all corners of Europe gather in this picturesque Austrian mountain village for two weeks to share knowledge, meet new people, and have fun.”

-Juuso Lautiainen, scholarship holder 2016

”From a perspective of a Finn, European Forum Alpbach could be described as a mix of World Economic Forum and SuomiAreena, topped off with world’s best researchers, put together and taken to Tyrol.”

-Annina Lattu ja Oliver Heinonen, scholarship holders 2018


Forum Alpbach provides you the insight to the discussions of global development and social change. The themes of 2017 inlcuded e.g. Artificial Intelligence Read IBM’s Marc Teerlink interview on democracy and AI.

Lue lisää

The three-week programme is held 14.-30.8.2019. and it begins with an academic seminar week, which gathers famous scientists and young scholarship holders around the world to discuss and debate current topics.

The academic seminar week is followed by a group of three-day symposiums, which focus on e.g. economics, technology, law, health, education, politics and finance. The symposiums are open events, which gather experts from various fields, enterprises, NGO’s, research and politics to join the discussions. The scholarship holders participate into the seminar week and to the symposiums of their preference.

The participants of Forum Alpbach are surrounded in an international atmosphere and high-status presenters during the three weeks.

  • listen to and meet the top experts in the world
  • Update your understanding about global change
  • meet the future influencers of your generation

Alpbach has a special, approachable atmosphere where you might find yourself playing football with a CEO of a multinational company one day, and having a casual fireside drink with a southern European finance minister the next.

The Scholarship Programme is meant for those young people, who are less than 30 years old on the end date of the application period. The applicants will have to write motivation letters in the web-based application portal, and include information and proof on their education, work experience, and other activities.

The application can be filled on the Scholarship Application platform. The European Forum Alpbach scholarship application platform will be open between February 18 and March 29, 2019 (11:59 noon CET).

The scholarship covers the participation fee, lodging, and a small pocket money. The participant should cover their own travel costs.

”If you are interested in broadening your perspective and meeting interesting people, while enjoying beautiful scenery, I encourage you to apply.” Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.